About Motor City Dance Factory


So many studios...Why is MCDF right for me?
In addition to providing phenomenal instruction,  MCDF is a well-established institution that provides a fun, safe learning environment proven to promote:
  • Excellence
  • Discipline
  • Friendship
  • Self Esteem
  • Creativity
  • Healthy Living

M.C.D.F. Mission: 
Motor City Dance Factory will provide a quality artistic outlet which fosters healthy living and enhances discipline.
We Believe:
• learning is a lifelong journey, not a destination
• students want to learn when learning is enjoyable and intrinsically rewarding
• all students should be given challenging opportunities to reach their full potential
• we need to motivate,praise,encourage and guide students to achieve optimum learning
• students should be taught with as much individual attention as possible
• students gain self esteem through classroom successes and accomplishments
• the studio should be safe, nurturing, and positive, to learn in a productive environment
• students and teachers are creative and unique beings with talents to contribute 
• respect and empathy should be shown by all to one another and their property

Meet Our Teachers

  1. Marquis Calhoun
    Marquis Calhoun
  2. Nicole Johnson
    Nicole Johnson
  3. Tyra Johnson
    Tyra Johnson
  4. Zandria Lucas
    Zandria Lucas
  5. Val Rexha
    Val Rexha
  6. Gina Ellis
    Gina Ellis
  7. Jade Hatcher
    Jade Hatcher
  8. Jeff Waddell
    Jeff Waddell
  1. Toya Orlikowski
    Toya Orlikowski
  2. Shanzell Page
    Shanzell Page
  3. Bruce Bradley
    Bruce Bradley
  4. Tim Jewell
    Tim Jewell
  5. Joli Paparisto
    Joli Paparisto
  6. Ayanna Coleman
    Ayanna Coleman
  7. Rachael Harbert
    Rachael Harbert
  8. Jai Hatcher
    Jai Hatcher
  1. Camille Johnson,                                       Studio Director
    Camille Johnson, Studio Director